Piotr Bieniek


My sign is Gemini, which means two individuals sharing one body. One of them is an artistic photographer holding an AFIAP title, an individual member of the Association of Polish Art Photographers (ZPAF), of the Polish Republic’s Photoclub, and a state examiner for the profession of photographic technician. The other is a chemist, a scientist working at the Pedagogical University of Krakow. This website deals only with my photography, though, as a visitor of the gallery will see, one nature cannot always be separated from the other.

In everyday photography I am interested in an image and its form and sense, regardless of the type of photography. I take photographs either because the theme seems interesting or visually attractive. This is probably why taking photographs “in passing” is my preferred way. Passing next to what? Life, simply speaking. Consequently, the thematic scope of my photographs is diversified. In artistic quests, I focus on the similarity of forms and meanings at various scales and contexts.

The galleries I present here are not finished projects, but example photos from specific topical scopes; the only exception are Microscapes, which culminated in an exhibition. Many of these works were shown during international salons under the patronage of FIAP and PSA.